How will i know if you have availability?

Once spaces are full you it will say sold out on the transformation package.

can i have a discount if two of us book at the same time?

No my price is my price and my charges are very competitive.

what types of food will i have to eat?

Each diet is tailored to each individual and their food likes.

will there be tons of cardio and working out?

Once again each plan is tailored to each individual and their life style. I build a transformation package around this.

do i get a cheat meal?

Off plan meals are built into diets dependent upon progress and when they are needed.

will i have a check in days?

Yes each person has two check in days per week for accountability and to make adjustments when necessary.

will my food change each week?

Your food sources will not change each week. There will be different options on you plan to choose from. I like to keep diets very consistent so we know what is working and what isn’t.

what time will i eat?

Eat when hungry and listen to your body. There are no set eating times.

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