After the year we have had some of us will be motivated to get back to our fitness levels before lockdown. Meanwhile others will want to start 2021 much simpler, appreciating everything they have but becoming healthier and with a better mindset.

We find ourselves still in lockdown, friends in different tiers, some without access to a gym and the only exercise we can get is taking a walk, cycling or if we are lucky, using some basic gym equipment at home. However, our health has never been a higher priority, with obesity on the increase and working from home reducing some people’s movement.

Looking back, some people may say I am lucky, my business was reinvented due to the gyms closing, I had to move my PT clients online, and honestly, not only did I think I would struggle but I thought my clients would struggle too.

Thankfully, the clients that continued with me maintained a healthy positive mindset and lost weight, lots of it, and the majority of my weight loss successes in 2020 were completed by people stuck at home with just a skipping rope and a yoga mat. The transformations were so epic that we were in the Nottingham post four times in one year.

Looking ahead to the new year, it’s time to take control of our health and start to become the person we always wanted to be.