We all have a friend who has said this at some point.

I work with a number of professional athletes that range from actors, boxers, football players and dancers. 99% of them that come on my plan, I increase their calories. It pains me to see athletes starving themselves before a competition or event, just to lose weight fast.

Since putting my client and professional boxer Brad Daws picture up, I have have received lots of messages asking how I can double his calorie intake and get him in fighting condition (see pic). Firstly his conditioning is down to his brilliant day 1 coach Chris Slatcher, I am just the final piece of the puzzle.

Here is the problem when calories are low, people simply move less. They become tired, unhappy, their sleep pattern is affected and they become lethargic and unmotivated. Most of all, their performance is affected. This is a professional athlete’s worse nightmare.

The logic behind increasing calories is simple. A well fed athlete is full of nutrients, is well rested and happy. They are energised, motivated and their output is huge, most of all their performance is A+. Their output builds a huge calorie deficit and this is how I diet all my athletes.

brad daws