Read about a few of my clients and the success we achieved together


Online Transformation and 7 stone loss: Zac Lee.

This is what a 7 stone weight loss looks like during lockdown, Zac had NO gym and very limited equipment. But with my guidance and an absolute desire to change Zac achieved his goals.

Zac has battled on and off with his weight and had been a personal training client of mine for a while.

When isolation started we both agreed this would be a great time for him to focus on himself and we put a plan in place.

The plan was for a quick weight loss, no matter how hard it was. I adapted his weight loss plan and we went straight into zero carb days. This had just two days of carbs which was a Wednesday and Saturday the rest of the days were ZERO.

Zak’s cardio goal was around 10k minimum per day, plus a certain amount of steps which left him in a huge calorie deficit. Has it been hard for Zac?? HELL YES! Did he suffer?? YES! however his health was our main priority and we have achieved our goal, a much healthier Zac.


Online body transformation @jessie_k_86
59lbs weight loss in total

Final 24lb on my body transformation
Jessica King joined my body transformation as she had been dieting for a while but her weight had come to a halt. Jess wanted to see how far she could push herself and what condition could achieve.

I immediately increased Jess’s calories as well as increase her cardio. I changed her training routine to a heavy push, pull, legs. I also gave her a clean Refeed every Saturday evening.

Jess’s weight started falling off and the lower she got the better her physique flowed.

A few weeks ago I took a look at Jess’s pictures she sent me. We then decided the last week of transformation we would run it as if she was competing in a show. This past week we manipulated her water, fats and carbs and dried her physique out. The final 48 hours saw her load on fillet steaks, chips, eggs, bananas and chocolate . She peaked on point for her pictures. She presented a full n dry physique which was our goal ✅

Jess was an absolute pleasure to work with her mind set is on point and she actually broke PB’s the final week of prep when her cals dipped to very low levels.


Chris Budge 10 stone Total Weight loss in 18 months

My client Chris joined my body transformation as he had been on his own weight loss journey and done amazing but had came to a sticking point with his weight loss and was frustrated to say the least.

Chris’s transformation was like a game of chess his body is stubborn!!. We would lower his calories and his weight would stall. I would then increase calories followed by dropping them and his weight would drop. It was frustrating for Chris at times but as I told him we would win each battle and we did.

I cannot speak highly enough of this man to lose 10 stone in 18 months he has suffered hunger, fatigue and some days we had him on 3 hours per day cardio. Some people will question this but our goal was Chris’s health as well as weight loss and it definitely served its purpose.
This morning I received the following text from Chris ‘ John I am 12 stone 13. I am a size 30 waist I have not been this size in 20 years. How do I stop the weight loss Im happy now’


12 Month Body Transformation
12 months ago @stubhinio came to me and signed up to my body transformation course. Simon’s first session with myself lasted less than 20 minutes and he thought about quitting and not coming back.
12 months later this is the result of dedication, desire to change and balls of steel.
I hear excuses daily from people ranging from work is busy to my pet ant is sick. This man always found a way ALWAYS. When it snowed earlier in the year most cars weren’t on the road.. this man was doing sprints lamp post to lamp post.

I’m so proud as a coach to put this post up for many reasons. The main reason for me is that Simon has inspired people including myself and I know for a fact he has saved some people as he has showed that it’s possible to change.
Simon your a role model to many and I admire your commitment and everything you stand for.


15 week lock down body transformation over 30kg weight loss and possibly one of my best ever transformations @ub2ng

This body transformation is very special to me as a coach as I know what lengths Yosuf has gone to and the sacrifices he has made.

At the begging of lock down Yos came to me and told me he wanted to get photo shoot ready. He has minimal equipment infact he has 1 pair of dumbbells and a bench.

We had to get the weight of quickly so cardio was high and food was low. Believe me as a coach I have NO magic tricks. I get a lot of praise for my transformations but I am no Magician. It’s so simple you HAVE to follow the plan I give you it’s that simple.

If your cardio is an hour and you do 55 minutes your not following the plan again it’s that simple. My body transformation is pure graft but it’s also one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Yosuf is a prime example he followed EVERYTHING. His daily cardio was two hours per day on top of circuits and weights. Yep you read it right. I took him through various phases including intermittent fasting, carb cycling and Keto.