Fat Burning Juice 250g

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Fat Burning Juice

This juice drink mix is an innovative new formulation packed with high levels of hugely popular active ingredients. Why take a variety of different supplements when you can get them all and more in one delicious fruity drink?

WARNING: High Caffeine content (130mg/100ml when reconstituted). Not recommended for children or pregnant or breast feeding women.

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Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Strawberry Limeade, Cola Cube, Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Lemon

60 reviews for Fat Burning Juice 250g

  1. Joe

    Absolute game changer, tried various things but this is the best out there hands down. I absolutely will not use anything else except this

  2. Hana

    Amazing product! I have no idea what is In it but shouldn’t be legal! It’s like rocket fuel! An essential before cardio!!

  3. Harry Basran

    What can I say about JC fat burn juice, if you haven’t already tried it you are missing out. Not only does it taste like the flavour says on the packaging but it actually works. The first time I took it I thought I was flying, I ran 5 miles and knocked of 7/8minutes off my timing. JC fat burn juice helps you sweat & push yourself to the limits.

    Who needs red bull when JC fat burn gives you wings & weight loss.

    Take my word for it, try it out & thank me later!

  4. Sophie Moorcroft

    The fat burning juice is amazing. My cardio performance has improved since drinking this every morning before my cardio session. I have so much more energy and can perform for a longer period. Would 100% recommend this to anybody

  5. Leanne Fearn

    This is THE ultimate fat burner EVER!!! One scoop before cardio and has legs running for days!!

  6. Daniela

    So I’m always sceptical when it comes to supplements having tried so many over the years but honestly this stuff is the business. I tried a workout with and without the fat burning juice and the difference was massive. It really gives you the energy boost you need during a workout or even if you’re just having a sluggish day 1 scoop and I’m practically skipping into work. This is by far the best fat burner on the market.

  7. Amber Miles

    I tried this little gem following a recommendation from a friend as I was looking for a supplement to boost my cardio sessions.
    Fat burning juice lived up to its name! The flavours are incredible; fruit punch is my fave. If you are after something to enhance your cardio without the jitters/shakes pre workout gives…this is your go to!

  8. Tom Spencer

    A scoop of this before cardio works absolute wonders and gives the extra boost needed to get the maximum results from each session. The cola cube flavour also takes you back to memories of childhood sweets – A little win when on plan! An absolute must for anyone needing an extra boost

  9. Victoria Mason

    I have tried other Fat Burners over the years as I enjoy cardio training and love the energy release.. but let me tell you this is NEXT LEVEL stuff!! It’s been an integral part of my weight loss and energy levels and I can honestly recommend this product to anyone. My personal fave is the Strawberry & Lime as I found the Cola a bit too sweet.

  10. Laima

    Most definitely the best product I have tried so far!

    For a beginner with low energy and huge amount of weight to loose this fat burning juice has been a gamechanger! It has helped me so much with energy, to get moving and not just moving but to push myself further, longer and faster. At the end of the workout sweat is pouring out of everywhere possible and impossible 😀 Also, it has most definitely helped with suppressing my appetite, I never feel hungry anymore when using JC’s fat burning juice so without a doubt I will keep using it all the way through my weightloss journey and try out all the different flavours. 🤤

  11. Dave Shaw

    A scoop before morning cardio, and the rest history… Absolute game changer. Best fat burner on the planet in my opinion.

  12. Gemma

    This stuff is amazing. Tried other fat burners over the years, but nothing like this. Taste amazing and gives you the buzz needed for your cardio.

  13. Sophie Cheetham

    I’ve had pre workouts before but nothing like this wow! You can literally feel yourself flying and don’t wanna stop! Amazing before cardio sessions- best fat burner there is!!

  14. Laura slany

    This is by far THE best fat burning juice I have ever tried, and believe me I have tried everything over the years. Try it for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

  15. Chloe

    Absolutely LOVE the fat burning juice! It has boosted my energy in the mornings to do fasted cardio by a country mile I’m still bouncing off the walls after I’ve finished working out!!! Wouldn’t go a day without it now the best supplement I’ve tried and the best out there by far!!!

  16. Remi Warsop

    This is a game changer for my workouts! It gives me a massive power boost without leaving me feeling shakey like other products I’ve tried!

    Perfect if I’ve had a long day at work and I need the energy & motivation to smash a workout 💪🏻

  17. Debbie Frazer

    Amazing product … Really does boost your performance, increases calorie burn and gives you that kick up the butt needed for the day … also the flavour takes you old skool… I have the blue raspberry flavour and it taste just like the blue tip tops … yum!!!

  18. Dane Cutforth

    Fantastic fat burner juice. Perfect for morning cardio or whenever you need that push to complete cardio/resistance work. No nasties included and no crash at all.

    Strawberry limeade is 🔥 easy to mix and no horrible heartburn like others! Cannot recommend enough!

  19. Corin

    Gone from thinking I cant run 5ks to boshing out 12 like its nothing thanks to te super juice!

  20. Cherise prior

    Highly recommend the fat burning juice, it’s gave me the boost I need to increase my cardio massively. When I first started running it wasn’t something I enjoyed and found it a really struggle but since taking this juice before my run it gets me raring to go, it’s help me increase the length and speed of my runs and gives me an overall boost on my day to stay productive and smash my fitness goals. Definitely worth the purchase

  21. Adam Whitehead

    This fat burning juice is amazing. I have some before cardio. Its works a treat. Would definitely recommend it to all my friends.

  22. Giulia McDonough

    This stuff is crazy! Taking this first thing before I do my cardio has really changed my weight loss dramatically. My energy levels dramatically improve helping me perform at my best during my training! I picked the strawberry line aid flavour which tastes amazing- it’s not every day you can choose supplements that also taste great!

  23. Michelle Simpson

    This stuff is magic, I don’t know how it does it, but my energy since having this is through the roof, it’s dramatically changed my training, I’m half way through and I’m ordering more today before the risk of selling out… my advice to anyone looking at this product is buy it, you won’t be disappointed. Best stuff I’ve ever tried without doubt … thanks John, you have changed my life

  24. Nathan Francis

    Amazing product . When taking this i feel more energetic. Keeps me going for longer periods during my runs. Well recommended

  25. Emily

    Wouldn’t be without it! Amazing fat burning juice!

  26. Billie Rose (verified owner)

    This is amazing it gives me such a good energy boost!! Really gets me ready for doing cardio, I could barley run for 10 mins but from using this fat burning juice I find I’m still running and it’s been over an hour! Can’t believe how well it works. I 100% recommend this!

  27. Jenni (verified owner)

    Wow this stuff is amazing if you need that rocket up your ass to get you going like I did this stuff will blow it through the roof 😂 tasty juice that dose the trick its got me hooked already 😀

  28. simon marshall (verified owner)

    I’ve been into running before joining getting on plan with John for 5 years now. Never have I experienced the willing to push myself and have the ability to go at pace for the duration on any run than with John’s fat burning juice. First time out I knocked 6 minutes off my 10k pb. I found it hard to believe from recommendations to me thinking people were over exaggerating but 100% they were not. I would personally give you a refund if you don’t smash whatever exercise you will do whilst on this supplement. Absolute game changer.

  29. Lisa montano

    This is amazing! 100% recommend

  30. Ruben clay

    Amazing product taste great and gave me a buzz and felt like I could carry on for longer.

  31. Sam Commander

    Should be called rocket fuel, if your looking for that extra kick to push you that extra mile or 2, this is definitely a product I would recommend.

  32. Lauren Sail (verified owner)

    Not for the faint hearted. Explosive product be warned. Definitely recommend if your feeling sluggish give you an incredible boost. Absolute game changer. Highly recommended!!

  33. Laura (verified owner)

    Wish I had got this at the start of my 28 days instead of the last week! I struggle with fasted cardio but this stuff makes me feel like I’m tanking along instead of trudging .. now gym classes are outside I think this will help massively

  34. Louis Gibson (verified owner)

    Getting up at 5am to do fasted cardio couldn’t be easier with this juice. Easily made first thing and helps boost energy for any workout – especially first thing

  35. Angela White (verified owner)

    Wish I’d invested when 1st joined up.
    Always apprehensive about supplements but OMG everyone needs some of John’s juice 🤣 starting cardio at 4am isn’t a problem any longer with this stuff, but stopping is!!!
    Seriously can’t get enough of it.
    Told all the guys at work who I know hit the gym regularly n constantly on monster drinks about it too.
    Jack don’t need magic beans, he needs John’s magic juice lol

  36. Jackie Finn (verified owner)

    I could never do my cardio now without this stuff, it is incredible!! Even after a long 12 hour shift I can take this and feel as energised as I do in the morning!! Couldn’t recommend enough, flavours are really nice too!!

  37. Sallyann Bradford (verified owner)

    This is part of mine and my daughters morning routine now, we get up early take it 20 mins before our walk and it makes 6k easy.
    A fantastic product that actually works.
    I’m sure the science behind it helps to burn fat but the important thing is it gives me the energy to get out there and burn my own fat 🤩
    Thank you John for creating this magic juice
    Side note I’ve tried nearly all flavours now and although none of them are unpleasant Fruit Punch is my favourite

  38. Mitchell

    Couldn’t recommend this product highly enough. Really has helped me, especially through the initial stages of reintroducing cardio to my life.

  39. jemjem (verified owner)

    Never been a fan of prework out supplements but WOW this had me buzzing for hours. Will take some getting used to but with having a 5 month old it’s given me that extra boost to give my all in my cardio session. Can’t wait to see how much it helps me over the coming weeks

  40. Danielle (verified owner)

    Literally WTF! This stuff is unbelievable!! It’s knocked a minute off my mile and makes me a much nicer morning person all round. Pretty sure it should be illegal!! Ive had the fruit punch and raspberry ones so far and both are really nice. A really great product and the delivery, packaging and customer service is all 5 star ⭐️

  41. Rosie (verified owner)

    Best thing out there to have before may exercise. Knocked 20mins off my half marathon time. It’s unreal!!!

  42. Karla

    I’ve had blue raspberry and fruit punch and these are insane!!! The first time I tried the fat burning juice I felt amazing and now I wouldn’t do my training or cardio without it! Gives me such a good buzz of energy bad wish I found it years ago! 100% recommend and deffo John’s number 1 product if your going to buy anything it’s this. Cannot wait to try the new one!! 🤩🔥🔥

  43. Danielle Goodayle (verified owner)

    Fasted cardio is on another level on FBJ! Take it 20 mins before you train and it will give you such a boost! I can’t train without it now! It’s a game changer! A real must for all types of training! 5 star supplement!

  44. Lindsey Sanders (verified owner)

    I have used blue raspberry and fruit punch (blue raspberry is my favourite). Been using it before morning runs and have taking nearly a minute of my min/km splits. This stuff is brilliant!!

  45. Chloe mossop (verified owner)

    Never been a girl for supplements but actually found first thing in the morning fasted cardio for me at 4am is just what I need to smash it out before work !!! Highly recommended especially for shift workers

  46. James Mc (verified owner)

    Bought the blue raspberry… Oooosh from napping on my lunch break to talking non stop in a couple of mouthfuls .. work colleges not impressed but the afternoon shift flew over .

  47. Jake white

    Quality product, used when doing fasted cardio for a nice boost in the mornings, the blue raspberry flavour is unreal!

  48. Faye

    I had the blue raspberry flavour and it tastes amazing. Simply add some water and give it a stir and it dissolves really well, just like having a drink of juice in the morning! I always use it before fasted cardio or any cardio for that matter. Gives me a real boost and tonnes of energy, I feel like I can run for hours on it!

  49. Sophie (verified owner)

    Been using this for almost a year now on and off. Always gives me a great boost when I use and more energy to push my exercise!

  50. Nathan Malloy

    Why would you buy your supplements anywhere else?

    Supplements are always as described if not better! #Sexy

    Cheers John

  51. Nathan Malloy

    Nothing better on the market besides the Extreme version coming next week 😉 can’t wait to try it!!

  52. Al Powell

    Simple…It works! I lost 2 stone with John and his Fat Burning Juice.

  53. Karl allen

    Ive been using the fat burning juice for a while now, it keeps me going when i feel like i want to quit. Ive seen great results with this product. I have the cola flavour and it tastes great.

  54. Matthew (verified owner)

    Absolute rocket fuel this gear. I’ve always been sceptical about supplements so did a few test runs using it compared to when I don’t and the difference is night and day. I can run faster, further and harder and really maximise the impact of the workout. Great gear, by far the most effective supplement I’ve tried!

  55. Adrian Thackrah

    Absolutely amazing, only been using it a few weeks but it has made all the difference, definitely gives you that extra push..
    I couldn’t recommend this enough 👌

  56. Jack

    Just an outstanding product that makes all the difference, John has produced another fantastic product yet again!

  57. Jack

    Just an outstanding product that makes all the difference, John has produced another fantastic supplement yet again!

  58. Alison Hardy (verified owner)

    Absolutely love fat burning juice and will never not have it in my cupboard – really does make a difference and give you extra energy for cardio. I use it before every fasted cardio session. Give it a try you won’t regret it!

  59. coby SMITH (verified owner)

    I’ve used fat burners / juices for years and hands down this is the best product ever FACT! I work my tooshi off on this stuff and feel great for hours. I’ve even taken it at 7pm and still get to sleep easy. All flavours are tasty but my fave is fruit punch. Get this product in your basket you won’t regret it.

  60. Adam wootton (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! I’m a posty and to kill two birds with one stone I use my job to get my steps in. Half way through my round I drink a shaker of fat burning juice to give me a revitalising lift. It’s not just the extra burst of energy that makes this product great it’s the instant feeling of well being as well! Can’t recommend enough, try it and see your self!

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