Body transformation and nutrition with john clarke

The Premier Body Composition and Nutritional Specialist

I’m here to help you get in the best shape of your life with food and exercise, home or gym based plans.

Your goal might be to lose weight fast or perhaps achieve a personal best in running or weight lifting.

Unlike other coaches, I spend time understanding you and how I can help you, I develop a personalised plan and schedule 121 catch ups with you to keep you on track.

If a plan isn’t what you need right now, I have developed industry leading supplements with good quality ingredients and excellent reviews. 

If you need help selecting, get in touch.



Before becoming an online Coach I was two times under 80kg Body Building Champion. Since retiring from bodybuilding I have dedicated my life to helping people with low confidence who are unhappy with their physique, working with them holistically in every aspect of their life to make sure they never feel that way again.

So many of us have felt the desire to change but have no idea where to start … I can provide that catalyst to help change that and to allow you to achieve all your goals

I have worked with many hundreds of people, all at different starting points of their journey and have developed an in-depth knowledge of how to create completely bespoke strategies that can be implemented into your lifestyle to get you feeling and looking fantastic.

My extensive experience tells me that one size never fits all and I get to know how your body responds to the strategies and tactics I use to transform you into a perfect you.










My clients stories

Man who lost six stone after ‘near fatal’ heart attack to open gym with bodybuilding champ

‘It looked like I was pregnant’ – Carlton dad goes from ‘couch potato’ to fighting fit in just a matter of weeks

Carlton man wants to inspire others after losing over four stone in three months

Jess King – 3 stone weight loss

I have been overweight for years but making the choice to join a plan with John was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I had always been a bit intimidated by personal trainers in the past but i had seen John’s results on social media and knew people that he had worked with. I felt confident that if anybody could help me to get into a better shape it would be John.
Im so pleased with the results and what i have been able to achieve. Whilst my own mindset and motivation was super important, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without John’s knowledge, encouragement and support. Theres been points where I’ve been dealing with injury, illness and some points where the scales have just removed to move. John has always been positive, adaptable and knows just how to solve the problem to move me through it and achieve massive results.
I cant thank you enough John for all your help, it’s completely changed my life and surprisingly I’ve actually enjoyed it.
To anybody wanting to make a change to their body or their fitness, i would highly recommend one of John’s transformations.

Petra Frater – 2.5 stone loss

John is like no other personal trainer I’ve ever had before (I have had a fair few) He is knowledgeable, professional, dedicated and HUNGRY for his clients to reach there goals and succeed. He listens to every clients wants/needs and creates there own personal plans to fit them. He is available pretty much 24/7 for anything his clients need & guides them twice weekly on check their check in days. I have been with John for just under 11 weeks now and I am currently just under 2st down – I have learnt so much about myself, my body, nutrition and exercise – in such a short space of time he has practically changed my life! He is the first personal trainer who has actually managed to keep my head in it for longer than a few weeks, that is purely due to his constant hype on social media and just being around when I need him. I now recommend him to all my friends & family and have since had a few of them sign up to him off the back of my recommendation, if you want a personal trainer who will get you to your goals, John is definitely the one to choose.

Chris Budge – 3.5 stone loss

John Clarke is a very genuine guy with 100% passion for his client’s success and achievements,I can honestly say John has turned my life around and it’s all down to him and his commitment to getting his clients to where they need to be. I was 23 stone when I met John and I’m now 17st 10lb, and with more of a passion to healthy eating and regular fitness. To be honest it’s now my way of life. John came very highly recommended through a lot of my friends who’d also done johns body transformation.

I’m just starting my second transformation with John. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to lose weight and to have a healthier lifestyle and to hit all their goals – whatever they are. As John always says “believe and trust the process”.