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I’m here to help you get in the best shape of your life with food and exercise, home or gym based plans. Your goal might be to lose weight fast or perhaps achieve a personal best in running or weight lifting.

Unlike other coaches, I spend time understanding you and how I can help you, I develop a personalised plan and schedule 121 catch ups with you to keep you on track.


Before becoming an online Coach I was two times under 80kg Body Building Champion. Since retiring from bodybuilding I have dedicated my life to helping people with low confidence who are unhappy with their physique, working with them holistically in every aspect of their life to make sure they never feel that way again.

So many of us have felt the desire to change but have no idea where to start … I can provide that catalyst to help change that and to allow you to achieve all your goals.

I have worked with many hundreds of people, all at different starting points of their journey and have developed an in-depth knowledge of how to create completely bespoke strategies that can be implemented into your lifestyle to get you feeling and looking fantastic.

My extensive experience tells me that one size never fits all and I get to know how your body responds to the strategies and tactics I use to transform you into a perfect you.

I also currently work with a number of professional athletes and influencers. I am the head nutritionist for professional boxer Dave Allen, Joe Hayden and Stevi Levy. My other clients have included Binky Felstead, Ashley Cain, Eddie Hearn and Jake Quickenden, Tom Little and Billy Joe Saunders.


Please check out my full range of sports supplements below and body transformation packages with myself and my head coach Simon Stubbs.

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transformation packages


John Clarke

1-1 VIP with JC Package

Package Includes:

Introduction zoom call to discuss:

  • Expectations
  • Goal setting
  • The plan moving forward
  • Any questions regarding the transformation

Monthly progress zoom call and the end of each month.

Bespoke online plan tailored to each individual

Full access to John Clarke Sports Nutrition app

1 x Personalised Diet Plan with weekly diet adjustments when necessary

1 x Structured Home or Gym Training Plan

1 x Personalised Supplementation recommendation

Weekly Performance monitoring and check in with feedback

Simon Stubbs

Premium Coaching with John and Simon

The premium plan is a popular package where you get the best of both worlds with both coaches John and Simon overseeing your plans and progress

All plans are written by John and Simon together, with Simon delivering the check in feedback on a weekly basis

You’ll get access to both of them on a messaging system to ensure you have the support you need.

What you’ll get:

  • A bespoke plan tailored to each individual
  • Structured Gym Training Plan
  • Structured Home Training
  • Personalised Supplementation Protocol
  • Performance monitoring
  • Formal weekly checkins to see where you are at progress wise
  • Weekly diet adjustments when necessary
  • Personalised Diet Plan
  • Access to my private forum with your on private log in




My Client’s Stories

Luke Franco

I joined John’s 28 day Challenge in November 2021 and lost a staggering 2 stone. I then decided to join his monthly VIP plan and never looked back.

In 9 months I lost 7.5 stone (105lb) and I am now in the shape of my life and am able to now run the diet on my own with what I learnt from John.

I cannot recommend John enough and he has changed my health and life.

If you are looking for an online nutritionist he is your man!!

Finally his supplement brand is incredible I used the fat burning juice, replenish, greens powder and whey protein which contributed to my weight loss.

Ashley Cain

John helped me make weight for my boxing match and was a true professional. I reached out to him for help and I made weight easily two days before the fight. Since then we have become friends and he played a lead role in the Teams nutrition for my 100 mile ultra marathon.

John came with us to the event and provided the nutrition and support every 40 minutes for over 28 hours. We used the supplements from his brand including replenish ( which is incredible) and cream of rice which i use to fuel my sessions.

We still meet regular and I use John Clarke Sports Nutrition Replenish and whey protein daily to fuel my sessions.

If you are looking for a quality brand and top Nutritionist. John is your man.

Sophy Green

I joined John’s VIP monthly plan as I was struggling with motivation and losing weight. In just 3 months I lost over 10kg and my confidence is through the roof. 

I planned on staying on the VIP plan a long time as I thought it would take me forever to lose the weight. However after 3 months I lost all my weight and was in a position to run the plan on my own from what I learnt from John. 

I cannot speak highly enough of John and his supplements and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a quality Online nutritionist and a top supplement brand. 

Sophie Cheetham

I have worked with John for over 18 months on his online body transformation program and the results speak for themselves.

As a Mum of two I signed up to his 28 day programme to lose weight and I saw great results in a short space of time. I then decided to join his monthly VIP plan and have never looked back.

We have weekly check ins together and he adjusts my nutrition plan to meet my goals.

I am currently 8 weeks away from my photo shoot and can’t wait to be in the shape of my life.

I would recommend John to anyone who is looking for a quality online coach and I can’t speak highly enough of his supplements they do exactly what they say.



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