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John Clarke Sports Nutrition

Organic Fibre Powder Blend

Organic Fibre Powder Blend

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Provides a source of prebiotic fibre from 18 nutritious organic superfoods including

  • Organic flax seed
  • Organic amaranth sprout
  • Organic quinoa sprout
  • Organic Chia
  • Organic millet sprout
  • Organic buckwheat sprout
  • Organic garbanzo bean sprout
  • Organic lentil sprout
  • Organic adzuki bean sprout
  • Organic sunflower seed sprout
  • Organic pumpkin seed sprout
  • Organic, sesame seed sprout
  • Organic coconut flour

Our Organic Fibre formula provides an easy and convenient way to boost your favourite food or drink's nutritional value in just one spoonful.

The fibre in this formula comes from real, organic, non-GMO Project Verified whole foods.

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