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John Clarke Sports Nutrition



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JC Ecdysterone is a type of ecdysteroid compound that is primarily taken in supplement form to improve muscle gains and athletic performance.

Research shows it can help people put on lean muscle mass and increase strength more easily within about two to three months.

JC Ecdysterone is fully dosed at 1000mg from the highest grade Raws. Unlike other Ecdysterone which only has 500mg per serving.

This product will help you

IMPROVE MUSCLE BUILDING-Ecdysterone is thought to help increase protein synthesis, which means it will make it easier to put on muscle mass when you consistently do strength-training exercises.

In addition to muscle gain, this supplement is also very effective in repair of muscle tissue. Suitable for most sports & athletes, popular amongst bodybuilders, weight lifters, strongmen, & athletes!

JC Ecdysterone is unique in that it is a natural plant based anabolic compound that supports muscle growth.

Non-GMO, Soy-free, Gluten-free, and Dairy-free.

This product works in synergy with JC Turkesterone and JC Tongkat Ali for the ultimate mass building stack.
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